The Land

The wild Southwest is home to over 500 apple varieties, some only available in this region.

Against All Odds, The Fruit Grew and Prospered

Early fruit growers in the mid-1800’s–in the time that now represents the height of North America’s fruit diversity–were told that orchards would not grow at Colorado’s high elevations and harsh climates. Some daringly went against convention, and experimented aggressively, planting a variety of fruits across the vallies and peaks of Colorado. 

These early fruit growers were rewarded by their audacity. Cherries, pears, peaches, plums, apricots, and (of course) hundreds of varieties of apples began flourishing across the state, becoming a crucial food source for the mining and laboring communities who worked among the mountains, and a point of undisputed pride for the agriculturalists of the region.


In 1904, in an early demonstration of the world-class nature of these fruits, Montezuma County won three of the four Gold Medals awarded to Colorado at the St. Louis World Fair. This recognition, along with the awarding of 101 out of 104 ribbons at the Colorado State Fair in 1906 to Montezuma County Fruits (establishing a record “that has never been approached, much less equaled”), has created a lasting and irreproachable value in the remaining orchards and fruit trees of the region. They are truly unique.

Today, the Montezuma Orchard Restoration Project archives the history of our orchards in the region, as well as offers support to small agriculturalists and apple lovers.

EsoTerra is a proud supporter of MORP, and the orchards, trees, and apples they work tirelessly to protect. 

Taste The Difference: Award-Winning Cider

EsoTerra Ciderworks is dedicated to crafting cider that is born from a land somewhat forgotten, focusing on the unique flavors of a multitude of apple varieties. Our ciders have no coloring, no flavoring, and no additives–Not even sugar. We stand by the simple truth, that Apples + Yeast & Time create great and timeless ciders.