Our Story

Sometimes Taking a Chance Looks like A Story from Ages Past

Jared and Elizabeth landed in the Southwestern region surrounding Durango, Colorado, while pursuing their respective careers as forest fire mitigator (Jared) and architect (Elizabeth). Home to over 500 unique apple varieties, it was almost impossible to ignore the heaping branches of fruit visible each summer, and the subsequent “great rot” as the fruit fell and was left largely unharvested and unused. 

Jared became involved in one, then another small-batch cider making endeavor in his free time, learning the bitter sweet nuances of apples + yeast & time. Moreso, Jared and Elizabeth became inundated in research about the region, and with the help of local small agriculture groups such as Montezuma Orchard Restoration Project, learned the historical significance of apples for the wild Southwest.


They wanted to bring back the vibrant appreciation for the heritage apples and orchards that was known just decades before. So, Jared and Elizabeth launched EsoTerra Ciderworks in earnest in 2019, with a vision to not only create premium artisanal ciders, but also to revive a nearly-abandoned apple industry that has historical roots dating back to the early mining communities of the region.

We are here To…

Create masterfully crafted hard ciders, rooted in the history of the region, and to do our part to revive the almost-abandoned apple industry in the wild Southwest.

Support regional small agriculture, which carries forward un-replicable culture, and cares for irreplaceable ancient trees and orchards.

Delight and inspire deep-rooted community connection between the adventurers, fine spirit and food lovers, artists and visionaries, and all who are prepared to enjoy the exquisite fruits of our labors.

Thank you for being here with us. Take a seat, and enjoy!