The Building

A structure that has housed dreams of apples for decades, and is now bringing premium ciders to visitors from across the globe.

Set in A precedent

Once home to the Mountain Sun Juice Factory, EsoTerra’s Tasting room is transforming a historic use, into a modern passion. Regional lore claims it was once the largest organic juice factory in the world, producing and shipping over 2 million gallons of fruit juice a year. Back before the term “organic” was the buzzword it is today.

When EsoTerra’s team initially encountered the space, it was clear that its purpose was primarily for production. However, they envisioned a brick-and-mortar space where, not only could visitors enjoy tours of cider production, but also enjoy a relaxing taster, glass, or bottle of cider (sometimes even alongside entertainment).


Brought Into a New Age

Today, visitors from across the globe visit EsoTerra Ciderworks’ iconic Tasting Room and production facility. Merely ask, and you can be taken on a passionate tour of the barrels, casks, and other vessels fermenting the liquid gold artisanal cider of EsoTerra. Or, just order a flight, and sink into the taste of heritage apples from Montezuma County and beyond.

Adventurers regularly enjoy a hike in the San Juan Mountains, a mountain bike ride at Boggy Draw or Phil’s World, a float on the Dolores River, a visit to Mesa Verde National Park, then top it off with a cool refreshing glass of cider on the patio. Travelers on their way to iconic Telluride Colorado often drop by to absorb the luxurious down-home atmosphere of the Tasting Room, then carry on to their ski vacation. Come on by, take a seat, and see what you find in our historic setting.

Taste The Difference: Award-Winning Cider

EsoTerra Ciderworks is dedicated to crafting cider that is born from a land somewhat forgotten, focusing on the unique flavors of a multitude of apple varieties. Our ciders have no coloring, no flavoring, and no additives–Not even sugar. We stand by the simple truth, that Apples + Yeast & Time create great and timeless ciders.