Who We Are

And all that goes into the creation of our premium award-winning artisanal ciders.

Guided by Timeless Values of Quality Cider Craftsmanship

EsoTerra Ciderworks employs values of cider making in the European style, in which simplicity reigns. No coloring, no flavoring, and no additives–Not even sugar.

Coffee Bean


The apple stands out among fruits as a body that wants to transform into something else.

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+ Yeast

Specially selected yeast feasts on the natural sugars of its perfectly paired apple.

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& Time

The mixture is monitored over time, and bottled for consumption when its unique characteristics have blossomed.

Our family handles every step of the process–from picking the apples and pressing, to fermenting, to creating the bottle labels and serving it in the Tasting Room. You can be certain of the care and quality that goes into every sip.

Family-Owned and Operated

The family behind EsoTerra Ciderworks is indelibly connected to the process of expert cidermaking–from picking to serving–and integrates their unique character to each hard cider in their library.

A Building Alive with The History of Heritage Apples

Deeply connected to the history of the once-robust apple industry in the region, EsoTerra has transformed the original Mountain Sun Juice Factory into a hotbed for our apple’s newest form: still juice… just, more adult.

Rooted in the Historic Southwest

The region surrounding EsoTerra’s tasting room is home to historic apple trees and orchards, and boasts an abundance of over 500 heritage apple varieties and over 100 feral apple varieties – many unique to this region. EsoTerra works with over 50 family orchards and backyard tree owners in Southwest Colorado.

Our Team

Meet the people who make EsoTerra Ciderworks and our award-winning premium ciders a reality.

Jared Scott

Dad, Husband, Autodidact, Tree hugger and Master Cidermaker

Jared started making cider in 2012, experimenting with every new and old-world technique known to man – like a wild-eyed apple-obsessed mad scientist. He will craft a cider from a single tree, just to see what an unnamed fruit can do. His goal is always to place the apple first. He strives to care for the land, by caring for the people on it, and he believes in looking each apple grower in the eye.

Jared left his life in academia to focus on crafting America’s finest cider in 2018.

Elizabeth Philbrick

Mom, Wife, Design Guru, Paper Pusher and Wordsmith

Nothing makes Elizabeth happier than sitting down to a table overflowing with good food, fine friends, and plenty of laughs. Hands down, she thinks she is funnier than she is, but because of her infectious laugh, she is forgiven over and over. As EsoTerra’s General Manager, Elizabeth is the driving force behind the experience and heart of EsoTerra. From label design, event planning, finance and bottling, Elizabeth truly wears every hat.

The biggest contribution Elizabeth makes to each batch of cider is her ability to smell everything in it. A blessing, and a curse.

Supporting Our Community

Our Tasting Room is a hub for local and regional events, supporting causes small and large, and promoting connection among people over fine cider and great food. Check out our Events or visit the Tasting Room.

Diversity and Inclusion

We invite you to our table, exactly as you are. Sharing a glass or bottle of hard cider makes you part of our family! All are welcome at EsoTerra Ciderworks, and we do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, creed, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and socioeconomic status.